church rides

AACF is not a church. We are a para-church ministry! AACF is not directly connected to a church, so we encourage all of our members to be plugged into a local church. Every Sunday, members of our fellowship provide church rides to the churches listed below. So how do I get a ride? Please email us your name, the address you would like to be picked up from, and the church you would like to attend. Please contact us about church rides BEFORE Saturday at 10:00 pm so that we can best accommodate you and our volunteer drivers.

Harvest Christian Fellowship

Start Time: 10:00 AM

Rides coordinator:

Joshua Chuang (626-566-5820)

Cornerstone Fellowship Bible Church

Start Time: 10:30 AM

Rides coordinator:

Jed Sun (626-250-4352)

The Promise Church 

Start Time: 10:30 AM

Rides coordinator:

Tiff Yung (408-644-5027)

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